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tiistaina, kesäkuuta 06, 2006

i am so angry I am ready to kick Phillip Ruddock's face in. I have contacted his diary secretary to make an appointment.


At 3:24 ap., Blogger lisette said...

woo hoo give him a kick from me - you go girl!!

At 8:21 ap., Blogger treespotter said...

hi hi... i'm new. i like your name. you can go kick that phillip guy, don't think i know him

At 12:14 ap., Anonymous Anonyymi said...

There's a particular kind of kick when you see a beercan lying on the grass and its a long way to the edge of the oval and you have your hard toed boots on and your explorer socks keep out the cold and your team won this week...

whump and it flies high, high, high, glittering in the winter light against the pale pale blue of the sky..

and you hear the can crumple as it lifts..

do that kind of kick.

For all of us.

- barista

At 4:55 ap., Blogger phil said...

I appreciate how you feel but honestly, kicking's too good for him :-)

At 1:24 ap., Blogger Brownie said...

Hi SjuSju

very happy to see your little swedish head rise up out of the snow to smile at the midnight sun

Helen The Blogger On A CastIron Balcony

has a good post for Blog For Choice Day 22/1/07


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