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maanantaina, elokuuta 29, 2005


it's been a while, hasn't it?

I just had to share a conversation i had with one of el prima's daughters the other day. I don't know how we got onto the topic, but we were talking about dying hair. She's 11.

"Some people dye the hair on their legs, don't they?"

"Yeah, I guess they do. Maybe to make it blonde."

"Well, I want to dye my leg hair BLACK so you can see it!"


At 1:47 ap., Blogger Brownie said...

when I was 11 I was even sillier than I am now. the girl has novel ideas on personal style and this is good. bless her.

At 10:18 ip., Blogger Sam said...

Please update more regularly if you can sju, I really do look forward to your wise words ;-)

QP xo

At 5:31 ip., Blogger Alex said...

Mabye she wants to be seen as older...or ugly.

At 10:27 ip., Blogger Steve Westphal said...

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At 12:59 ip., Blogger Brownie said...

what's the Swedish for 'Holy Cow Sju Sju - are you OK?'

Came her to say Happy Christmas, Happy 2006 and Happy Second Birthday to your blog.
Gotta get those spammers deleted - it's creepy being here alone with them.
Sam and Alex miss you too.

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At 10:18 ip., Blogger sjusju said...

I'm here, I'm here! I just retired a bit and got lost in the great big oceanic flow of general life craziness... Apologies for being a boring tart. I'm plotting a come back soon!!

how do i delete spammy comments? grrrr!!

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At 5:50 ap., Blogger Brownie said...

HI !

I had given up coming by.
Glad you are still with us.

You delete that spam muck by:

In your sidebar click on the Post title - that gives you the post and all the comments.
Because you are logged in as yourself, you can delete the comment by clicking on the rubbish can symbol.

You will get a choice and should click -
"Delete Forever?
(it cannot be undone)"

then the nitwits disappear.
doncha wish real-life could be like that?.

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At 11:33 ip., Blogger Brownie said...

Sveden has had it's Spring Thaw, and you can too.

This might be the way to delete those AWFUL spammer comments:
log in at your blogger dashboard,
get 'Edit Posts' page up,
click 'View' on the first Post

when you see all the comments they have the trashcan symbol to click,
then choose Delete Forever box

for each one.

Suki emailed me this morning worried about you ...


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At 12:03 ap., Anonymous Anonyymi said...

I never really cared what color my leg hair was as long as I had clear pores.

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