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torstaina, kesäkuuta 09, 2005

I *knew* this would happen!

Once you start doing those "meme" things, who knows WHERE it will stop?!?

Somewhere silly, that's where! It is a mere slippery slope into absurdity, but, in the spirit of restoring some faith in my haphazard blog-citizenship I unwillingly comply.

01). Total volume of music files on my computer?


*embarrassed silence*

this is SO going to erode both my music credibility and geek credibility...


i don't have erm, any music files on my computer.

before you rush me off to hospital in a big "geek emergency" ambulance, let me attempt to dig myself a little deeper. my home computer is a laptop circa 1997.

02). The last CD I bought was:

oh this just gets worse...

how technical do we have to be here?

the last CD i *technically* bought (but it wasn't for me - it was for el prima's youngest daughters) was "times tables tunes" by god knows who. it's a catchy little number that has each of the times tables up to 12 put to music (with various "rock", "country", "jazz" and most highlariously "hip hop" versions).

the last CD i bought for me was Madonna "american life" and Missy Elliot "so addictive" at the same time. they were in the bargain bin for $9.95 a pop, so I was very happy, as they are both one's I've borrowed and enjoyed at various times.

03a). The last song I listened to before writing this was...

the Supremes, "stop in the name of love" - playing on el prima's daughter's radio when i left the house this morning.

3b). Song playing right now...

this really can't all be coincidence, can it..?

the theme to Beverley Hills Cop on my workmates's computer...

04). Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me.


1) bjork - hyperballad

2) missy elliot - lick shots (or more specifically, the phrase "AAAAAARRRGGGHHH! - I'm a crazy ho" which i take as my motto for life).

3) quindon tarver / mary schmidt - "the sunscreen song"/ "everybody's free (to wear sunscreen" It's corny, but a long of it makes sense, even if it does piss me off that baz luhrman felt the need to hire a man to read a woman's words.

4) miss dynamite - little brother - cos i put it on a corny birthday cd for my little brother, and now i love it.

5) lil kim - this is a warning (oh, i know, so violent and all! so tough! but i love it, and it is an amazing song)

05). Which five people are you passing this on to?
1) fop - who hates this stuff and will almost certainly fail to comply with his statutory requirements.

Aside from him, most people seem to have already done it... in which case they are excused.


At 7:05 ip., Anonymous Brownie said...

just saying Hi to let you know I visited and read.

At 9:40 ip., Blogger Brownie said...

and forgot to say 'ABBA?" are ya swedish or what? we LOVE ABBA.
knowing me knowing you. aaaaaaahhhhaaaaa.
there is nothing we can do.
breaking up is never easy I know.

At 12:00 ap., Blogger Jo said...

Sju Sju! WHERE ARE YOU? Entertain us some more, please!

(I mean, sure, you've probably got one of those 'life' things going on, but please spare a thoughts for 'tha fans')

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At 8:04 ip., Blogger two_dishes said...

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