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maanantaina, toukokuuta 30, 2005



oh - i've been tagged!

1. Total number of books I've owned:
about 800kgs? that's what it felt like when I was lugging them (with some assistance) down 6 flights of stairs and then into our new house last weekend... and there are more stashed under my dad's house back in melbourne. i'm still looking for my 1950s homemaking guide for instructions on making your own furniture / curtains / kitch lampshades and i really hope it is under the house. how will i do without - especially as i now need to make 4 sets of new curtains etc...

2) The last book I bought:

"Heidi" for el prima's kids from the salvos. It was soppy, girly and moralistic enough for me as a ten year old, why not them?

3) The last book I read:
I'm quite bad at actually finishing books at the moment. I've got about 4 on the go at once, all progressing quite slowly. "the girls" (about marlene dietrich and greta garbo and other hollywood lesbonics - thanks Brownie!), "god under howard" by marion maddox (i lost it for a bit and the last part isn't as great as the beginning), "the red queen" by margaret drabble (purchased in an airport, and no, she isn't as good as she was, sadly - quite dull), "managing without profit" by mike hudson (about running not-for-profit organisations - because I've just been appointed to a board of one and i want to be good at it. this book is a really good guide apparently). And then I'm nearly finished reading a book about wombats with el prima's younger kids. It talks a lot about their poo, which is fascinating! (square and usually in piles of five, in case you are wondering)

4) 5 books that mean a lot to me:
the brothers lionheart (brodorna lejonhjarta) : astrid lindgren (the first book i ever read "by myself" when i was in hospital when I was 7. It's got politics, religion, fairytale, family, human character and dragons all rolled into one.) it's still den bästa bok jag nånsin läst. The film version is also the favorite film of Agnes from "fucking amal" (Show me love).

ronia the robber's daughter (ronja roverdotter) : astrid lindgren again (it was from my godmother, and i read it under a big swedish doona in bed at her house when i was eleven. it is about the wisdom of children, and the crazy grudges of adults.)

alice in wonderland : lewis carroll (and the parallel / dream universe it brings with it) i also loved the annotated alice, and for a while after i found it (when i was about 12) i thought that all books had a annotated version which could tell you all the stories around it.

cat's eye : margaret attwood (about memory, pain, and the cruel intense wonderful thing that is female friendship)

keep the aspidistra flying : george orwell (it's about money and someone obsessed with his theory that money doesn't -or shouldn't- matter, by which he proves very admirably that it does. also kind of sad and whimsical. whenever i think of this book i can remember exactly where i was sitting when i realised ho much i loved it - it was autumn and sunny and i sat on a bench in the formal front garden of the school where i was working in england, and as i sat it got colder and colder but i just wanted to stay and keep reading in that cold still place.)

5)"Tag 5 people and have them fill this out on their blogs:"
Fop - because every book he's forced upon me has been fantastic.
Susoz - because they will be brainy and interesting.
Misspiss - because i can imagine that hobart serves very well for curling up with books.
Suki - because i want to know!
Jellyfish - because because because because becaaaaaaaaaause! because of the wonderful things she does!


At 12:41 ap., Blogger Jellyfish said...

My god. How did I miss that you passed this to me? How evil do I feel right now? About 100% evil!

I'm so sorry. You must think I am very rude. Yes, I had already done it, but that's no reason to neglect common courtesy. I had even read this post, too, or at least part of it - because I remember noticing the bit about the Annotated Alice. So God knows what went wrong. SORRY!

I hope you'll accept my newly finished Young Talent Time post as an apology. I was actually going to include a bit about a certain blogger who, well, might have once got a bit hot under the collar about Johnny Young... but I held back on the grounds that it was the kind of thing that might get me a reputation for being creepy :)

At 12:59 ap., Blogger sjusju said...

Shocking behaviour indeed!

Being a lacksidaisical (sp?) blogger, i expect you to play by my rules and respond if and when you have the time.

Joey Perrone! omg i've been asleep at the wheel and didn't even realise. why are they... STIRRUP PANTS he's wearing with his white slip-ons with gold tassells?

i can't believe your discipline in holding back on my little YTT disclosure and the "highlarious mix-up" it caused. your uncreepery is unbounded!

At 2:05 ap., Blogger Jellyfish said...

Did it on Friday, btw. Well sort of. I did an anti-meme, which was really quite fun! :)

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