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keskiviikkona, tammikuuta 28, 2004

plant-type reading

here is the more recent offering from ruth ozeki - very thick but very readable. now just in case anyone does read this blog, and hasn't yet read the book STOP NOW if you don't want me to spoil it for you, as i have a few bones to pick with ms ozeki.

1. charmey - we have not met such a disposable character since that blow-up bouncy kangaroo toy which broke many poor little children's cocyxes as they bounced up and down their driveways in the early 1980s. not only was she always too saintly to be true, but she is so heavily leaned upon as a plot device that it does seem rather unfair that we don't even get a scrap of her 'voice' in the piece - only monologues on what other people see in her - the miracle of sex, the miracle of motherhood, the miracle of organic vegetarian cooking etc.... i do believe ruth ozeki has some good feminist leanings, so what the germaine greer is she doing creating female characters who only exist to serve other people's needs and then to be blown up at the first moment that those needs change???

2. related to the above - how come she let Cass change the baby's name from Tibet to "Betty"?!? ew!!

keskiviikkona, tammikuuta 21, 2004

feelin' all peachy on the inside!

i attended upon this lady last night, though not at quite the proximity i had hoped. there was lots of proximity, though, in the audience, especially the squashy bit up the front where i was... and especially with the girl standing behind me! (more of her later!) peaches had the most amazing effect on people! i'm not usually the groupie type (okay well that is a complete lie...) but she made me pant!

Blah blah blah... that john howard is upset that state schools are not beating his favorite "values" into children these days, and that therefore he thinks we should give the entire education budget over to those private schools who are willing to do so, but only to those children whose parents can afford it. we can only surmise that the ones whose parents can't afford it don't deserve any "values" in the pm's opinion. what exactly those 'values' were, he wouldn't say - but going on some of the generally observed differences between private and public schools perhaps he is talking about heated swimming pools, crisply ironed uniforms, eating disorders and a nice big dose of homophobia.

Just when the Prime Minister was being particularly vague about his very favorite "values", in came Kevin O'Donnelly with a little dirge in the Australian to explain a bit more.
Kevin O'Donnelly is worried that since we let those unionists take over the state school system there has been some serious tinkering going on. He howls that current state education system has lost sight of "the purpose of education" as "celebrating positive things".

Oh dear, Kevin seems to have got the wrong end of the stick altogether. He thinks that the purpose of education is "celebrating positive things". No Kevin, you're confusing "education" with "having a party". If you want to celebrate a positive thing, such as your birthday, or your new house, or getting a raise, then you should have a party. Please don't gather a bunch of small children together, make them sit in rows, give a long and boring lesson on the positive thing you wish to celebrate and call it pedagogy! If you love something so much that you want people to celebrate with you, then you'll just have to offer some food and drink, turn on the music and "have a party" like the rest of us. Same goes for australia day - if all you want is to leap around shouting "hurrah for colonization! weren't my white anglo-celtic ancestors clever for invading someone else's country!" then buy a lot of red cordial and party pies and make sure you don't invite any children who don't agree with you (or who don't have clever white anglo-celtic ancestors) and kick out the ones who want to ask questions.

But REALLY!, even though you are chief of staff to the Employment minister, you should know that this wouldn't really cut it as "education". Why, education is supposed to be about the learning, not the telling. And funnily enough, when children are learning, they tend to ask lots of questions, no matter how many times you shout at them "oh shut up and celebrate the greatness of our nation!" The other thing about Australian children (and you should know this if you met some, Kevin) is that they're not all anglo-celtic and of the Western tradition. Much as they'd like to celebrate away "the benefits of Australia's Anglo-Celtic, Western tradition" to your heart's content (on the proviso of adequate party pies and red cordigal), they would probably also like to ask a few nosy questions about what everyone else who wasn't Anglo-Celtic was doing at the time. Whatever "values" Kevin O'Donnelly wants to bludgeon children with, he's keen to make sure that they are not taught that "all cultures should be equally valued". No no no, if that happens, then he'll be taking away all the red cordial and party pies no questions asked.

torstaina, tammikuuta 08, 2004

this is how i was yestereve on returning to my abode after spending far too many fruitless hours on a futile research task:

this was remedied somewhat by going for a little swim IN THE BEACH this morning before returning to place of work - how lovely!! nothing like a big fat ocean to cure all surliness! it even made me quite friendly to fellow human beings - there was an older lady swimming whose (presumed) husband was trying to persuade her that it was time to get out of the water but she didn't want to, and we had a little chat.

i think a bit of this each morning should keep me relatively surly-free:

i don't know who these ladies are but they don't look the least bit surly, do they?

tiistaina, tammikuuta 06, 2004

crotch gallery! courtesy of peaches! what a lady! she wishes people to pelt her with fruit (specifically bananas and, obviously, peaches) during her performances.

don't mind if i do...

sunnuntaina, tammikuuta 04, 2004

Tracey Moffatt
is my consolation for coming back to work today. not that she came to visit or anything, rather, she is having a huge exhibition at the MCA which is located in my playlunch area ("circular quay"). it is such an enormous exhibition (three floors of it! including several short films!) that i think i will stretch it out over several lunchtimes.

so far, my favorite is a photo which the talented young tracey stage-managed when she was about 12 - a nativity scene played out by kids (including tracey i think) in the backyard with mary all dressed up in sheets and the three wise men with towells rolled up on their heads offering gifts. also good was the 'scarred for life' series in which she recreates photos of the anecdotal moments in which people remember being 'scarred for life' - she has a real touch for those vulnerable moments which alternate between funny and painful. and then there was 'heaven' - a surreptitiously filmed study of surfer guys getting changed into and out of their bathers - lots of perv appeal if that happens to be your bag of grapes, but quite an interesting candid little study of voyeurism and the way that men occupy/display their bodies in public.

What a lazy!
yes, yes, i know - i have been very remiss with this poor sloppy website. i have not, however, been completely wasting my time. what have i to say for myself?

1. i have visited my homeland. there was a wedding, some half-decent presents, millions of cousins and several pregnant ladies. about to give birth any bloody minute!!

2. i saw "dogville" the most recent offering by that scandinavian lars von trier. although it pounded me with various clever little allegories, i found this film a bit of a nuisance. too manipulative and snide for my liking. nicole was very good and patricia clarkson sharp. the little bits we saw of chloe sevigny were excellent. the staged method of it was neither here nor there. i'm trying to think what really got up my nose about it. i think it comes down to a difference in beliefs - i like films that can use a story to draw out something truthful and i didn't think this was the truth. it felt too simple - lars von trier's little morality tale about being either a victim or a perpetrator.

3. Oops! as a result of some confusion over christmas presents, i have managed to give myself the new pink album. how nice!

the best thing about it is pink's fleshy collaboration with peaches - clearly, lyrics were not the only thing they were working on together:

Lickity lick not so quick it's a
Slick ride make my mink slide
'Cause were all pink inside

and then later (but not included in the printed lyrics);

(Peaches) now let me show you where to put your hand
(Pink) lil red engine says i think i can, i think i can

here she is as a little tyke : already quite a show-off

3. i have been to the coast. many fascinating sea creatures. i took this very seriously as a period of training for my new life by the beach...

3. i have relocated myself and am now a "beach lady". i am very pleased with my new abode as it allows for lots of looking at the beach and drinking cocktails on the roof. these are to be my new pursuits for 2004.